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The Worst Celeb Partners Ever


Failed Celeb Couples

Celebs for the most part switch spouses as much as they switch their undergarments. A few last for some time before ending horribly, while a few are a totally disaster directly from the start. Partnerships should be taken extremely serious, but for some reason several stars don’t or they involve themselves into these crazy partnerships that is absolutely no good from the get go. Here are the The Odd Celeb Companionships Of All Time:

1. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

2. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

3. Amy Soft drinkhouse and Blake Fielder-Civil

4. Paris Hilton and Nick Carter

5. Pete Doherty and Kate Moss

This list of actor and actress partnerships have done one or the other such as slept with other people, hurt one another physically and much more to each other. These are the worst partnerships Hollywood has seen and I am sure there are lots more hardcore partners to come. We should have faith that in the near future celebrities will choose their boyfriends and girlfriends more rationally.


Enchanting Guys in Film In All Eternity!


Hot Celebs on Television

Now a days, there’s an array of hunky & skilled fellows in the movie business that it becomes a challenge to decide which performs the best, but I have some I can name. For Instance, James McAvoy, and that’s only a few that are both gifted & intriguing. Be that as it may, for some strange reason they don’t gather as much adoration as other more popular talents.

Frequently, talents like Ben Stiller draw attention meanwhile other fellows talents remain unrecognized. Be that as it may, Ben Stiller is astonishing, I think that  talents like James Franco and Ryan Phillippe are much more passionate and profound in their performances, they are also, the attractive fellows in the movie business in the world but regretfully haven’t been praised accordingly.


Well Known & Stunning Mothers To Be In TV Now


If you haven’t been paying attention, there’s another wondrous baby fever with women in The Movie Industry. There are numerous of breath taking and widely known women in the movie industry that are as of recent expectant mothers. A few of these women entail, the dazzling, Tori Spelling and Kourtney Kardashian & loads of others.

Gals more than ever demonstrate that they lust over being parents & want to experience their motherly instincts instead of making movies 24/7. All of these popular, pregnant ladies are looking so very attractive as they clutch onto motherhood.

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Celebrity Marriages that were Short Term


Individuals know that a lot of famous marriages don’t last for awhile, but there are a couple of celeb marriages that only last for hours. The celebs on this list should have had an idea that they were not right for one another before getting hitched in the City of Sin or spending money on a over the top expensive wedding ceremony just for publicity. For a unexplainable reason they felt the want to make a mockery of marriage and now they have made history as having the briefest famous marriages.

Below is the The Briefest Celeb Marriages:

  1. Rudolph Valentino & Jean Acker
  2. Nicolas Cage & Lisa Marie Presley
  3. Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock
  4. Drew Barrymore & Jeremy Thomas
  5. Dennis Hopper & Michelle Phillips

I’m sure that lots more celebrities will join this sad list forever. Can’t wait to see what other failed celebrity marriages will come of in 2012.



It Was Not Until 2007 That Marissa Miller Filmed Her First Television Commercial

Pictures of Marissa Miller

Miller was first “discovered” at age sixteen walking through a San Francisco café by two Italian modeling agents. After talking to her mother, she was on a plane to Italy with her mother a few months later, despite her “shy and conservative” personality. Within six months, Miller was working for Victoria’s Secret and the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, in which she appeared in every issue from 2002 to 2008. She has appeared in a diverse range of magazines, many of them international editions, such as GQ, Maxim, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, and Vanity Fair. It was not until 2007 that she filmed her first television commercial for Victoria’s Secret, appearing alongside Heidi Klum for the It bra. Other runway work include 2007′s Fashion for Relief show, benefiting victims of Hurricane Katrina, as well as MTV’s Fashionably Loud, Imitation of Christ, Inca, and Amir Slama’s Rosa Cha, for which she was one of the most anticipated models.

Marissa Miller Could Be At Her Table Waiting For Her Name To Be

Marissa Miller
Marissa Miller
Marissa Miller
Marissa Miller
Marissa Miller
Marissa Miller
Marissa Miller
Marissa Miller

People in cinema and all over the world know the name Marissa Miller. Most guys think her legs are luring. Within Hollywood, no one makes presentations quite like Marissa Miller. She could be at her table waiting for her name to be called this year at the Golden Globes.. Get all the Marissa Miller videos here on Marissa Miller.

Three Hollywood Couples You Didn’t Know About


There have been several famous companionships that a lot of celeb lovers have not known about. Lots thought about, “How did I not know about this?” The fact is many stars that did get together only hung out for a small period of time and made sure to keep their partnership under the radar. Others were definitely the lime light, but for some odd reason viewers either think no more of them or completely did not care about the partnership.

Below are the Top Three Hollywood Relationships You Did Not Know About:

1. Paula Abdul & John Stamos.

2. Winona Ryder & Jimmy Fallon.

3. Tupac Shakur & Rosie Perez.

Several of these famous partnerships   definitely flabbergasted readers as there was a couple that I truly did not even know about. It’s a tiny bit surprising to witness some of these stars be attracted to one another and then unfortunately call it off too. Make certain to continue checking back for a lot more fun Hollywood gossip.



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