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Sterling Golden aka Hulk Hogan And Heather Cole Sex Tape


HulkHogan & Heather Cole sextape just appeared online a few days ago and it has advocated an immense amount of stun. Heather Cole was hitched to Todd Alan Clem who is a well established radio host who has worked with HowardStern. When Todd Alan Clem & Heather Cole got married, HulkHogan was the best man. In the sextape it certainly displays how HulkHogan had sex with Heather Cole in her & Bubba the Love Sponge aka Todd Alan Clem’s bedchamber. This mere fact inclines a lot of the public to conceive that HulkHogan & Todd Alan Clem were swapping Heather Cole who was The Super Destroyer’s ex, LINDA HOGAN’s best friend. Heather Cole was always known to be a quite gorgeous female that enjoyed snapping dazzling photographs of herself & embedding them on the internet. Now we learn that Heather Clem aka Bubba the Love Sponge’s Wife was additionally, a freaky gal which enjoyed being hammered by HulkHogan and being video taped while getting roughed up.


Engaged Angelina Jolie to Direct Fifty Shades Of Grey Flick


Widely known book “Fifty Shades of Grey” has every single woman in a dream state with the lead character Mr. Grey and his method with chicks. The exotic novel is the first part of a series by author E.L James and women are now pondering if a movie is going to be in production for this novel. Have you noticed a trend right now? At first it was the Harry Potter books, then the Twilight books and the most current The Hungry Games books; each and every one of these best-sellers books have all been turned into huge films.

Newly engaged Angelina Jolie has been mentioned as the director that has the delight to make Mr. Grey come true. Engaged Angelina Jolie has been said to be wanting to get behind the director chair since her first directorial debut on “In The Land of Blood and Honey.” As of right now, nothing has been authenticated as of at this moment, but what are your opinions? What do you feel soon to be wed Angelina Jolie is the ideal director to achieve bringing the good looking Mr. Grey to every woman’s dreams?


Did Jay-Z Knock Up Beyonce Again?


Reporters state that Beyonce and Jay-Z are preggers with their second baby at this time. They already have a five month old girl named Blue Ivy. She is supposedly two months pregnant currently and that they are wishing the baby is a male. The source close to the star couple spilled to new reporters that Beyonce will definitely confirm the orange juiceors at the last days of August. The star pair have yet to tell lots of close friends about their pregnancy.

Informants have also said that Beyonce has once again started consuming folic acid pills and most people know that those type of pills are only consumed when a chick aims at becoming pregnant or is already pregnant.  If the star pair is pregnant right now, Beyonce will carry on to take the rest of the year off from her music. Do you believe the star couple is pregnant once again?


Madonna Shows Breast To Audience at Concert


Recently, during a show on the MDNA Tour, Madonna went over the top much like when she was at her prime with a mythical performance in Europe in which she freshly flaunted her bosom to the admirers. Lamentably, her crude ploy has provoked criticisms. Some of her followers have pointed her ploy as a hasty attempt from Madonna to cause a frenzy just like she did in her early days.

Tough it seems, it utterly caused a bad impression. Madonna is now gazed upon as pathetic. Obviously, Madonna fouled up. Well, I conclude that Madonna should give up from crude antics.  Madonna is much too old to be revealing her bosom to the admirers at a tour like she’s still a youngling. The fact of the matter is, that it is pathetic. Madonna get a life!


Celebrity Marriages that were Short Term


Individuals know that a lot of famous marriages don’t last for awhile, but there are a couple of celeb marriages that only last for hours. The celebs on this list should have had an idea that they were not right for one another before getting hitched in the City of Sin or spending money on a over the top expensive wedding ceremony just for publicity. For a unexplainable reason they felt the want to make a mockery of marriage and now they have made history as having the briefest famous marriages.

Below is the The Briefest Celeb Marriages:

  1. Rudolph Valentino & Jean Acker
  2. Nicolas Cage & Lisa Marie Presley
  3. Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock
  4. Drew Barrymore & Jeremy Thomas
  5. Dennis Hopper & Michelle Phillips

I’m sure that lots more celebrities will join this sad list forever. Can’t wait to see what other failed celebrity marriages will come of in 2012.



Three Hollywood Couples You Didn’t Know About


There have been several famous companionships that a lot of celeb lovers have not known about. Lots thought about, “How did I not know about this?” The fact is many stars that did get together only hung out for a small period of time and made sure to keep their partnership under the radar. Others were definitely the lime light, but for some odd reason viewers either think no more of them or completely did not care about the partnership.

Below are the Top Three Hollywood Relationships You Did Not Know About:

1. Paula Abdul & John Stamos.

2. Winona Ryder & Jimmy Fallon.

3. Tupac Shakur & Rosie Perez.

Several of these famous partnerships   definitely flabbergasted readers as there was a couple that I truly did not even know about. It’s a tiny bit surprising to witness some of these stars be attracted to one another and then unfortunately call it off too. Make certain to continue checking back for a lot more fun Hollywood gossip.


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Married


Bella and Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward Cullen have authentic arrangements to get married and you can look ahead to the a wedding announcement sooner than you thought. Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward Cullen gifted Bella with a sublime emerald ring, since Bella isn’t a great lover of diamond rocks as most ladies are accustomed to. I’m under the impression, that she probably doesn’t fancy them because not only is she rare and thinks for herself but we think she knows that to attain such a stone on your digit, a laborer in the Dark Continent was put to work through rigorous hot days to find a dazzling jewel. Anyway, the different, green eyed hottie- Bella, doesn’t yearn an elaborate wedding party either way, she yearns for something relaxed but eloquent as their love and their relationship. 



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